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20″ Inch Uni Disc Irrigation Hand Piece Service Kit

680,00 kr.



Our essential 20″ Inch Uni Disc Irrigation Hand Piece Service Kit (If you want this for your handpiece with HDE drive please send us an e-mail at equinedentalproducts@gmail.com and remember to write that it is for waterirrigation handpiece)

Everything you need to clean and maintain your hand piece. It is recommended to change your hand piece inner cable between 12-18 months. The ensures the smooth running of your motor and avoids overworking your motor with dirty and worn cables.

This kit will fit the following hand pieces.
20″ Uni Disc Irrigation Hand Piece

Included in this kit.
1 x 20″ Hand Piece Cable (Foredom or HDE)
1 x Hand Piece Inner Sheath
1 x Tube of Foredom Flexible Cable Grease
1 x Hand Piece Spring Clip
1 x 5mm Ball Bearing

Optional Extra.
1 x Hand Piece Cable Pliers. Extra long nose. This plier is used to pull the inner sheath out of the handpiece. You can buy it here https://equinedentalproducts.com/shop/motorized-systems/plier/

Please note. This IS the Hand  Piece Inner Cable for the Water Irrigation Hand Pieces.