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Series 3 8000XT Irrigation system

33.750,00 kr.



The NEW 36v Series 3 8000XT is both powerful and lightweight. It uses a specially sourced DC motor mounted inside the controller unit with 9 forward speeds. Also included is a built in electronic torque trip-switch designed to protect both the horse and the motor in conjunction with a soft start facility to help protect the cables and handpiece. Convenient and quiet, this system will reduce trauma and stress to the horse.

The Dearson NEW 8000XT comes supplied in a strong, plastic moulded case for easy storage. Also provided is a resilient, web-type belt with two pouches and a fast 36V mains charger for the battery unit. The 8000 XT System comes ready to use on key drive hand pieces. The system can be adapted for other flexible cable hand pieces.

Water Irrigation and Flushing system with stainless steel trolley and flushing lance.

  • Can hold up to 5 Litres of water.
  • Bi-directional Tap to switch between handpiece irrigation and flushing.
  • Can  be used as a stand alone flushing unit.
  • Optional trolley has two handpiece holders.
  • Irrigation only compatible with Dearson handpieces.


Manufactured and assembled in the UK