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Dental scope wired model

21.500,00 kr.

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The wired dental scope option is our most popular choice and a very good value for money oral endoscope.

Field of view

The camera has a 70 degree field of view that gives you a better visualisation of the teeht and especially in the the area behind 311 and 411. We will always recommend you to buy oral endoscopes with a 70 degree field of view.

Picture quality

This camera has 1920X1080 HD picture quality. The only thing you have to make sure is that your lap top is i3/i5 and full HD ready. The camera is plugged in to the USB port and the Microsoft camera app is used.

Light source

The lightsource is led stick with a rechargeable battery inside. Because of our smart sstem the lightstick can be attached to the scope when just putting the light stick up and then a little twist. The lightsource is very powerfull and gives sharp light.

Thickness of scope

The scope comes in a 14, 10 or 8mm option. The 14 mm option is the standard but the other options can be chosen for an extra 1300DKR (175 Euro)

In this video you can see the camera used in the mouth of a horse: