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About Equine Dental Products

Founded by veterinarian and CertAVP Dentistry Jesper Rosenmeier

Jesper Rosenmeier graduated as a veterinarian in August 2007 and has since worked in England and Denmark.

Since 2007, Jesper has worked as a general equine veterinarian for 9 years, however with a focus on teeth.

On 1 July 2016, Jesper founded Hestetandklinikken (strictly equine dental clinic) and since then worked exclusively with dental treatment of horses and dental-related problems such as extractions, restorations and sinus surgery.

Jesper Rosenmeier – veterinarian and CertAVP Dentistry

In his work with the horse’s teeth in Hestetandklinikken, Jesper has always used the Motorised system from Dearson. His satisfaction with the motorised system and the long-standing collaboration with Dearson have led Jesper to become a dealer for products from Dearson.

The products are of high quality and very functional and produced in England.

The big advantage for you is that Jesper knows the products very well as he uses them himself and can therefore advise you on their use and help with any problems.

The new collaboration also means that you can easily and quickly get spare parts for your electric Dearson motorised system.

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